How to start a Crossfit inspired gym cheap

Da materialet har været brugt i udlandet er denne tekst på engelsk, du kan altid Google translate den hvis du vil have den på dansk.

Remember if you make a Crossfit box, you have to have certified coaches and you have to pay to use the Crossfit brand.

The case is:
My boyfriend and I are travelling around Asia for 5 month, and we have bumped into some people doing Crossfit inspired training, but they are really eager for new inspiration.
We were in Pakse where 8-10 people meet up to exercise. They dont have any equipment to start out with. They have been working out for some month, but now they have lost interest after doing only bodyweight exercises.
That is were we show up 🙂

They have great outdoor facilities which they havent used, and great weather most time of the year.

Outdoor facilities

First we teach them how to use the facilities they have the best way possible. Then we talk to them about what they could do, to make cheap equipment out of stuff they can get cheap or free.

Below is the list they were given with both a list of exercises they could do, and examples of how it could be put together in a WOD.

List of exercises where you don’t require that much equipment:

Exercises with equipment:


Tire push
Tire pull
Tire flipping
Windmill (important that you do both sides)
Rope exercises

Exercises with no equipment:
Pistols (important that you do both legs, use a wall to support)

Wallclimbes with shoes on hands

Handstand (with support)
Handstand pushup (with support)
Pushups (on the knee if it is too hard)



Walking, running:

Duck walk

Suicide run
Walking lunges
Burpee broad jump
Bearcrawl back and forward

Bear Crawl

Fireman run (run with another person on the back)
Sandbag run

Lifting: (practice can be done with bamboo sticks at around 2 meters in length)
Overhead squat
Clean and jerk
Weighted squat
Weighted front squat

Team workouts, just examples, you can mix the exercises as you like to.
When you do team workout, there has to be a way to switch between the exercises, either one exercise (could be bearcrawl) or a specific number of reps in one exercise or time (i.e. switch every 30 seconds or one minute)

Wod 1
Box jumps

Wod 2
Duck walk

Wod 3
Overhead squat
Walking lunges
Sit ups

Wod 4
Turkish getup (TGU)
Suicide run

Wod 5
Teams of 2 persons, one is doing 5 burpees, when she is finish the next person do 5 burpees, then the first person do 10 boxjumps, and the 2. Person do 10 boxjumps etc. for a set time 5 minutes i.e.
5 burpees
10 boxjumps
15 airsquat

These team workouts are just examples, and they require that the numbers of exercises are the same as the number of persons at the team. So if there are 5 people at a team there has to be 5 different exercises in that workout.

It is a very good idea to make the workouts varied, so that one day you do a very long workout, and the next day you do a very shot but intense workout. If you do a short intense workout you can use some time to practice technique in some of the other exercises.
Think about which muscles you are using, and try not to use the same muscles two days in a row. You can do that, when you do a lot of exercises without weight on, but when you start doing weighted exercises it gets more important.

Examples of how to put different workouts together:

One exercise for time (i.e. 3 minutes burpees, total number of reps counts, make a scoreboard and try to beat your number in two month)
As many reps or rounds as possible for time (i.e. 5 burpees, 10 boxjumps, 15 airsquat and repeat as many rounds as possible for a certain time)

Increased number of reps for time (i.e. 1 burpee, 1 boxjump, 1 airsquat, 2 burpees, 2 boxjumps, 2 airsquat continue to increase the numbers for 5 minutes)

Tabata (20 second workout, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds, good for exercises such as situps, pushups, burpees)

Circuit traning (i.e. as many different exercises as there are people, and switch place every 45 second, rest for 15 second)

On the minute every minute (i.e. do one TGU with each hand every minute, good for practicing technique in difficult exercises)

Increased reps every minute (i.e. do one pushup and one boxjump, rest for the rest of the first minute, the next minute do 2 pushup and 2 boxjumps, rest for the rest of the 2.minute, etc. as many minutes as possible, until you cannot do it within the minute)

Sometimes it is good to do something complete different, an example could be to run 5K or swim for 30 minutes. It is good because if you do the same things over and over again your body will adapt and you won’t see any progress.

They also got the following list of cheap or free equipment:
Big tires
Scooter tubes, cut up, filled with sand and closed
Bamboo sticks
Lines on the pavement
A long heavy rope

Some good webpages with how to build a lot off stuff:
How to make bulgarian bag:

How to build a box:

How to make a wallball:
They use salt pellets in that example, but I think it will be more easy to get sand out here.

one on one coaching with the manager of the language school

After leaving Pakse:
Then we keep in touch, an send dem pictures and decriptions and videos how to do the different movement. But best of all would be, if they could get a good instructor to teach them, or one of them to become instructor themself.

If you have any experience starting your own Crossfit inspired gym, I would really like to know what you think of the way Im doing it.


Vi er en familie på 4, far Morten, mor Louise, datter Sofie 6år og datter Julie 6år. Vi er på 6mdr. Orlov rundt i Danmark i vores autocamper “Campi Hygge”. Du kan se mere om vores rejse på Instagram soerensen.louise Når vi ikke er på orlov bor vi i lejlighed i Esbjerg. Julie og Sofie har indtil videre gået i børnehave og starter i skole når vi kommer hjem igen. Vi har længe haft planlagt at skulle på orlov, men planen var Australien og syd øst Asien, hvor Morten og Louise har rejst rundt med rygsæk før børn. Men som verden er nu har vi ændret planer et par gange, se mere om det i indlæg. Vi startede vores orlov på Fanø, det er jo også en ø 😉 og der har vi været de første 14 dage. Læs med og se mere om autocamperlivet som familie rundt i Danmark. Det skal lige siges at vi aldrig har ejet campingvogn eller autocamper tidligere, så alt er nyt for os og vi har en meget stejl læringskurve 🤩

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